1 Agricutural Development

1 Agricutural Development (10 marks) This problem asks you to collect data on agricultural employment and productivity and explain causes for the low agricultural productivity in poor countries. a. Select six countries – three high-income countries and three low-income countries. For each country, find data on the employment share of agriculture; include as many years as possible. Draw two figures to show the employment share of agriculture of these countries for the time period in your sample: one figure for data of the three high-income countries, and the other for the three low-income countries. Label each curve clearly. (2 marks)

Instruction for Part (a) and (b): 1. Download data from the website of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of United Nations following the link: http://www.fao.org/faostat/en/#data. Under the “Inputs” category, click “Employment Indicators”. In the new window that appears, under the “Indicator”, select “Share of employment in agriculture (% of total employment)” for the agricultural employment share and “Agriculture value added per worker” for agricultural labor productivity. For other categories, select the countries you want to choose and, select all sources and all years. Then click “Download Data” to get the Excel files of the data (note that data may not be downloadable on a Macbook, so you may have to use a windows system). 2. Draw the figures as required using the Excel. Use the horizontal axis to indicate the year and the vertical axis for the variables of interest. For each figure, label the curve that represents each country clearly.

I am confused on how to draw the graps using excel