(1) My dream job growing up was to be a veterinarian, but as I have grown older I have found that my want and need to help people is just as great as it is to help animals. Since I began my undergradu

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My dream job growing up was to be a veterinarian, but as I have grown older I have found that my want and need to help people is just as great as it is to help animals. Since I began my undergraduate education I have changed my career path 4 or 5 different times. I have thought about getting my paralegal certification, and then getting my teaching certification. Then when I finally landed on Psychology as my major, I began to figure out which medical branch I could focus on. While gaining my doctorate is my biggest goal, it seems that with all of my kiddos at the age they are, it will be near impossible to attend any kind of doctorate program. Once I finish my undergraduate here at UTPB, I will move forward to gain my Masters which will allow me to get my LMFT certification (Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist). My children are not a hindrance on my education, but it is much more difficult finding Graduate programs which will allow me to meet their needs and schedules and just be their mom, but also meet the requirements of the program. I am going after my education so that I can build a better life for them. I found an online Masters program through ACU, which I should begin in the fall. It should take me 3 years to complete, and I will be required to fulfill 600 hours for my internship. I am beyond excited to begin my next adventure, bringing me that much closer to my dream job. Growing up and facing many of the difficulties I did as a child, it has proven to be my calling helping others to overcome similar situations.


This is a tough question and one that I might not be able to satisfactorily answer. I had my dream career. I flew jets for the airlines and then went to Hong Kong for 10 years and flew a private jet for one of the richest men in the world. This wasn’t really a business operation, I basically took him and his family on vacations. It was pretty great and I like the people I worked with, but soon it was clear how flawed the system is. Unscrupulous management companies, dishonest people, and a diverging world view made it impossible for me to be happy staying at that job. I needed no degree for that job, started flying out of high school while working a construction job. All the training was done ‘part 61’ so no vocational school or the like was used. There are universities that specialize in aviation like North Dakota State, Purdue, and Embry Riddle, though they provide degrees in aviation related fields they are not required to be a working pilot. I graduate in a few month with a psychology degree. I don’t know what I am going to do, I just know that I won’t be flying and I won’t be working somewhere that doesn’t allow me to have joy in my life.



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