(2) Expand 3√1−x in ascending power of x up to and including the term in x³ Hence, find the value of 3√7.9923 correct to 3 decimal places. (Ignore the validity of the expansion) (b) Express √3x+9 in t

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(2) Expand 3√1−x in ascending power of x up to and including the term in x³ Hence, find the value of 3√7.9923 correct to 3 decimal places. (Ignore the validity of the expansion)

(b) Express √3x+9 in the form of a(1+bx)n and hence expand √3x+9 as a series of ascending power of x, up to the term in x³

(i) State the range of x for which this expansion is valid.

(ii) By using x=14 , find the approximation for √39 correct to one decimal place.

please help me, i am so desperate T-T


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