The “Five” or “The Mighty Handful”

History of Music in the European Tradition Geneviève Leclair
Write a 5-page essay (1.5 spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margin on all sides) on either of these
1. Les Six
2. The “Five” or “The Mighty Handful”
Your essay should include the following elements:
– A presentation of the group
– Short biographical notes on each member of the group
– A short description of each composer’s style and musical output including relevant
– An outline of the common stylistic features between all members of the group
– The impact of their contribution to the development of their national musical style
– The place of the group within the evolution of national schools.
As you are writing, keep in mind the following elements:
– Provide a complete bibliography and footnotes
– Your text must be your own original work.
– Write for a reader who is unaware of the assignment. Therefore, you must introduce
your topic and all your arguments and provide context for the reader.
– Choose the elements to include in order to provide the most complete overview of the
group possible.

Geog 1160–Summer 2020–S10–Term Paper

Kwantlen Polytechnic University Summer 2020
GEOG 1160: Geography of BC Term Paper
Marks = 50
This assignment is due by 11:59 pm on 27 July 2020
Upload your document as a pdf using the following naming convention to
the course Moodle site
Geog 1160–Summer 2020–S10–Term Paper–Lastname.Firstname
The purpose of the assignment is to;
 get you to become familiar with regional geography concepts,
 develop essay writing skills, and
 develop research techniques for geographical analyses.
An Analysis of Geographical Region(s)
This is an individual and independent research to measure of your understanding of the
subject matter of this course.
The final research essay can be either:
a. a time series analysis on one region in British Columbia over two different
points in time, or
b. a cross-sectional comparison of two regions in British Columbia at a single point
in time.
Any topic in this course can be the focus of the research essay, but it must relate to other
relevant course topics, such as how natural resources are related to the physical
geography, or how land use relates to population. Your research essay should cover at
least three elements from the following list to secure maximum marks:
 Physical geography
 Population characteristics
 Social and cultural patterns
 Urban and settlement patterns
 Transportation and communication patterns
 Main economic sectors
For this assignment, a region is defined as one regional district in size. Other regions
such as development, college, and districts like school and provincial electoral, can be
used in your research with prior approval from me.
Kwantlen Polytechnic University Summer 2020
GEOG 1160: Geography of BC Term Paper
Elements of a research essay
Research essay have several key elements. They include:
1. Research Topic – it must have at least a single objective to be investigated in a
scientific manner
2. Data and datasets– these are the collected facts that allow examination to realize the
objective, and can be primary (e.g. field collection), secondary or tertiary
3. Graphics – these include maps, charts and tables, and are important means of
 summarizing the data, and
 displaying patterns within datasets, both spatial and attribute
4. References – they provide evidence and support for your research (Please adopt and
be consistent with any of the three common styles – APA, MLA or Chicago provided
at KPU Library’s website
Structure of the Research Essay
The research essay must be:
 word processed, double spaced
 8 or less pages in length (inclusive of figures and references)
 saved as pdf (to upload to the course Moodle site)
Use the following naming convention for your file:
Geog 1160–Summer 2020–S10–Term Paper–Lastname.Firstname
An ideal research essay will consist of the following
1. Introduction – this section provides the reason for the research and defines its
2. Method – this section describes how the research was conducted, and includes a
discussion of the datasets and the methods used to analyze them
3. Results – this section details the findings of the analysis
4. Conclusion – this section assesses how well the objectives were met, and discusses
the potential for future research
All essays must include at least one map and one other graphics (charts, tables, etc.).
These must be placed within the text of the essay, and not at the end as appendices.
Kwantlen Polytechnic University Summer 2020
GEOG 1160: Geography of BC Term Paper
Time Management
Managing your time effectively is a very valuable and necessary skill to succeed both
academically and in the work force. The research report needs to show evidence of well
thought out inquiry. The main stages and the suggested time budget for this term
research assignment (starting from when you were assigned it) are as follows:
 Question formation and data search – weeks 1 & 2
 Project outline – week 2
 Data collection – weeks 3 & 4
 Data analysis – weeks 5 & 6
 Report writing – week 7
The course outline provides details regarding the evaluation and academic conduct.
This assignment is due by 11:59 pm on 27 July 2020

Assignment 1 Web-based Interactive Book

CMP81001 – Assignment 1 1 Assignment 1 Web-based Interactive Book Due Dates: Part A: Design documentation: 11pm Friday of Week 5. Part B: Final product: 11pm Monday of Week 7. Task Description: Part A of this assignment requires you to produce design documentation for a web-based interactive book (eBook) in accordance with UX design principles. For Part B, you must develop that product for use in a web browser using Google Web Designer. Client Brief: You are required to create an interactive book/eBook. The book should contain a home page and at least 3 other pages with a table of contents and appropriate navigation between the pages. You may choose the dimensions of your book but it should be no smaller than 320 x 568 pixels and no larger than 768 x 1024 pixels. Your design and final product should include: • 6 major animations, with at least one animation on each page. It is up to you as to where you put these 6 animations – but they should be appropriate for your theme and contribute to the overall user experience. Your major animations must include at least one example of each of the following: objects growing larger or smaller, objects moving around the page (e.g. from left to right, up and down, etc.) and objects changing colour. • Sounds which enhance your design appropriate for your chosen theme, including at least one voice-over which you have recorded yourself. • Graphics such as boxes, lines and other background as appropriate for your chosen theme. • Any additional headings and text if they are appropriate for your chosen theme. Your interactive book/eBook should be designed in accordance with UX design principles, and should demonstrate your design skills. It should include appropriate use of text, graphics, animation and interactivity for your chosen theme. Your design should use a variety of animation techniques, text and graphic elements providing information and other techniques to display information using custom interaction. You must demonstrate your ability to create the following interactions and feedback: • Appropriate buttons and/or links to navigate to other pages of the book; • Buttons or links which provide feedback in the form of visual change (e.g. on rollover) and sound (e.g. subtle click). • Objects which allow users to interact with the content with the mouse, either by clicking or rolling over content to trigger further feedback such as animations. CMP81001 – Assignment 1 2 Theme Options: You may choose from any of the below themes. These are provided as source ideas. Students may propose their own themes for this task but should check their intention with their local tutor before proceeding. Note that your book does not have to tell an actual story and you will not be marked on any story. You will however be marked on consistency of your pages in line with your chosen theme. 1) Stick figures 2) Letters and/or words – animated letters of the alphabet 3) Maths – numbers and/or geometric shapes 4) Cartoon – characters from graphics provided, or of your choice (make sure you have permission to use them and reference them!) 5) Animals – zoo or pet shop characters 6) A journey (can be a holiday, or travelling to a new country) Students may further define their theme and interpretation. Example 1: Within the theme “Animals”, a student may narrow their selection to “frogs”. The interactive book on frogs may be interpreted to be introductory content for infants school age users addressing the life cycle of frogs {egg – tadpole- froglet- frog} or may be technical content for university environmental science students addressing the habitat of a specific frog, such as the tree frog “Isthmohvla rivularis” (conduct a search on this and you will find some very specific information). Example 2: Within the theme “A journey”, you might choose to create a book to describe a holiday, or travel to/from Australia, or a simple journey to work or university. Development Milestones: Part A – Design Documentation (progressive hand-in) – due Week 5: Your Part A submission is a progressive hand-in of your design documentation. This will be used to demonstrate your book’s design, including the, appropriate screen layouts using storyboard techniques to communicate animation, media, user interaction, content placement and suitable graphic design. There is also an option to demonstrate extra effort to create an online wireframe using one of the free tools. This hand-in will enable your tutor to give you feedback on your design in the workshop or by online comments. Note that this Part A submission will not be marked at this time, rather it will be resubmitted and marked with your final Part B submission. Part B – Final Product – due Week 7: You will develop your interactive book/eBook as per your design documentation submitted in Part A – using Google Web Designer (GWD). Submissions which are not created using GWD will not be accepted. Your Part B submission will include your final product as well as your final design documentation as detailed in the submission details below. Marking will occur after this final submission. CMP81001 – Assignment 1 3 Submission Details: Part A – Design Documentation: Your design documentation must meet the client brief options provided above. The documentation is to be submitted as one Word document using the report template provided. Please name this in the following format (using your own name rather than bsmith): CMP81001_bsmith_Ass1A.docx As provided in the report template, this documentation should include: • A description of your interactive book; • A clear indication of your chosen theme and a description of how you have interpreted the theme. You may also want to indicate the target audience (e.g. preschool or primary school child, teenager, adult etc); • at least one storyboard for each page with appropriate details under each of the headings (as per provided report template) , including; o description and purpose of page; o media items to be used; o description and purpose of user interactionsrequired; o description and purpose of animations(Note that additional storyboard pages/screens may be required to demonstrate your animations); o description and purpose of visual/aural feedback; o navigation design; • a full media list of all media items used; and any additional design details appropriate to demonstrate your final product; • (optional) a link to your wireframe prototypes in your chosen tool (Moqups, Balsamiq, Mockingbird or other wireframe product). Note that only 3 screens need to be presented due to limitations placed upon some of these free version application. Part B – Final Product: Your Part B submission should include: 1. Your published book – this means a version of your book created using the Publish button in GWD. This folder should be zipped up and submitted. Please name this in the following format (using your own name rather than bsmith): 2. Your book’s project files – this means the entire contents of your book’s GWD folder (not just a published or preview version). This whole folder should be zipped up and submitted. Please name this in the following format (using your own name rather than bsmith): 3. A resubmission of your Part A design documentation. Note that you may update this documentation prior to submitting it with your final product. CMP81001 – Assignment 1 4 Marking Criteria: Part A: Design Documentation (10%) ✓appropriate documentation to deliver to a client; ✓quality of storyboards – at least one storyboard for each page with appropriate details under each of the headings (as per provided in reporttemplate); o media items to be used; o description of all user interactionsrequired; o description of animations and their purpose/use. Note that additional storyboard pages/screens may be required to demonstrate someanimations); o visual/aural feedback and the purpose/use of the feedback; o navigation design; ✓Full media list of all media items used in your project; ✓(optional) appropriate creation of wireframe prototype for demonstration to a client; Part B: Interface, Text, Graphics, Animation, Final Product (20%) ✓balance of individual elements on the screen (text, graphics,animations); ✓consistency of look/feel between content elements; ✓appropriate use of fonts and text media; ✓appropriate use of aural/visual feedback; ✓appropriate naming conventions of resources; ✓appropriate use of animation techniques; ✓animations suit the purpose of the screen; ✓demonstrated understanding of UX concepts. Referencing Media files (image and sound files) that you have sourced from the internet may be used in this assignment, provided that: • you reference the file in your documentation (at minimum, the file name and where you sourced it from should be added to your media list);and • you have permission to use the file (if the file is copyright to another entity); or • the file’s usage rights allow you use it (e.g. Labelled forreuse). Code: It is not necessary for you to use any code other than that created using Google Web Designer. However, should you choose to do this, it is imperative that you acknowledge that it is not yours. The inclusion of a comment indicating the source is all that is required, e.g.: /* ***************************************************** Original source code by or from Modified by on ****************************************************** */ Include any modified code in between lines like this – which helps to identify your work: /* ******************** Modified ***************************/ your code goes here /* ******************** end modifications ***************** */ CMP81001 – Assignment 1 5 Hints Efficiency Choose a theme to tie your web content together. This has the dual benefit of presenting a “unified” set of content, and potentially reduces the workload in development because some of the resources are being used several times across the webpages. Screen Space (Screen Real-Estate) Animation moving across your content will only be effective if there is sufficient space to do so. For content that has a “small” real-estate area, animation will likely be reduced to “image swaps”. Design your layouts and animations according to thecontent sizes. Enjoyment You are allowed to have fun. Although there are many practical and technical aspects of the design and development process that must be adhered to, there is ample scope to be creative, artistic and imaginative with respect to the selection of content, and how you choose to present this to screen.

COIT20253 Assessment 1: Written Assessment

COIT20253 Assessment 1: Written Assessment


Due Date: Week 6 Friday 11:45 PM AEST



Assessment Task:     


This is an individual assessment.

In this assessment, you are required to choose one of the following industries: Healthcare, Insurance, Retailing, Marketing, Finance, Human resources, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, or Travel. This assessment consists of two parts as follows:

Part A – You are required to prepare a report on how Big Data could create opportunities and help value creation process for your chosen industry.

Part B – You need to identify at least one dataset relevant to the industry and describe what opportunities it could create by using this dataset.

In Part A, you will describe what new business insights you could gain from Big Data, how Big Data could help you to optimise your business, how you could leverage Big Data to create new revenue opportunities for your industry, and how you could use Big Data to transform your industry to introduce new services into new markets. Moreover, you will need to elaborate how you can leverage four big data business drivers- structured, unstructured, low latency data and predictive analytics to create value for your industry. You are also required to use Porter’s Value Chain Analysis model and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis model to identify how the four big data business drivers could impact your business initiatives.

In Part B, among several open source and real-life datasets, you will identify at least one dataset that is relevant to the industry you had chosen. The dataset can be a collection of structured, unstructured or semi-structured data. Using this dataset, you will first discuss how you chose this dataset among other datasets. Then, you will identify and present the metadata of the dataset. Using the chosen dataset, you will need to describe the opportunities it could create for the chosen industry.

The length of the report should be around 2500 words. You are required to do extensive reading of more than 10 articles relevant to Big Data business impacts, opportunities and value creation process. You need to provide in-text referencing of chosen articles.

Your target audience is executive business people who have extensive business experience but limited ICT knowledge. They would like to be informed as to how new Big Data technologies might be beneficial to their business. Please note that a standard report structure, including an executive summary, must be adhered to.

The main body of the report should include (but not limited to) the following topics:

  1. Big Data Opportunities
  2. Value Creation using Big Data
  3. Porter’s Value Chain Analysis
  4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

The length of the report should be around 2500 words. You are required to do an extensive reading of more than 10 articles relevant to Big Data business impacts, opportunities and value creation process. You need to provide in-text referencing of chosen articles.

Your report must have a Cover page (Student name, Student Id, Unit Id, Campus, Lecturer and Tutor name) and a Table of Contents (this should be MS word generated).


Caution: ALL assessment submissions will be checked for plagiarism by Turnitin.


Assessment Submission:


You must upload the written report to Moodle as a Microsoft Office Word file by the above due date.



Assessment Criteria:


You will be assessed based on your ability to analyse and reflect on how organisations are leveraging non-traditional valuable data (unstructured, real-time) with the traditional enterprise data (structured) for business intelligence and value creation.

The marking criteria for this assessment are as follows.


Part A (25 marks):


Executive Summary – 3 marks

Table of Contents – 1 mark

Introduction – 2 marks

Big Data Opportunities – 4 marks

Value Creation using Big Data – 4 marks

Porter’s Value Chain Analysis – 4 marks

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis – 3 marks

Conclusion – 2 marks

References – 2 marks


Part B (10 marks):

Dataset identification – 2 marks

Metadata of the chosen dataset – 3 marks

Business opportunities through the chosen dataset – 5 marks

You currently work as a coordinator for New City Home Care, a private home health company offering nursing care and therapy services to the elderly residents of a medium-sized Midwestern city with a population of about 55,000 people.

You currently work as a coordinator for New City Home Care, a private home health company offering nursing care and therapy services to the elderly residents of a medium-sized Midwestern city with a population of about 55,000 people. The neighboring town, about 10 miles away, has a much smaller population, but as the population ages, this town is seeing an increase in retirees. Your manager has decided that it would be beneficial to expand into this town by opening a satellite office. She is eager to be the first home health company to open a physical office in this new territory and has tasked you with developing a marketing plan. You have been asked to provide an executive summary to the management team of the marketing plan.

The summary needs to explain how the following will used in your team’s marketing plan:

  • The company’s historical resident trends and current strategic plan
  • Demographic data
  • Quality standards
  • Marketplace analysis, including competition
  • Models and best practices for reaching the target audience
  • Developing recommendations to ensure alignment with company strategy
  • Writing the plan and setting expectations
  • Implementing the plan, proven best practices for implementing
  • Tools for evaluating and adapting the plan.

The task for your Week #5 Project is to write a Current Affairs Worldview Essay

Throughout your studies in World Religions, you have been introduced to a variety of religious worldviews that are impacting a society and the marketplace in a variety of ways that can be both positive and negative for a community.  The task for your Week #5 Project is to write a Current Affairs Worldview Essay that demonstrates the contemporary application as to how and in what way a particular religion is impacting a society’s economy and marketplace today.  You will want to research articles that clearly reference specific financial data as to profits and loss that are being generated for a particular locale as the result and impact of a particular religion that we have or will study only in this class.


An example of a possible title for such an article might be this: (Israeli Drought Increasing Costs for Wine in Passover Celebrations).  Here, the specific locale is Israel – the religion impacted is Jewish – the issue is the rising costs of wine for celebrating the Passover. Your article should highlight clear financial data as opposed to generalizations. (Ex: in the above article it points out that costs have increased 20% over last year). Note that this is not a research essay where you seek out a variety of resources to highlight your topic. Here, you are to focus on just one (1) single article and offer your review of it in terms of a summary or the content and your personal application of it for your study of world religions. (See the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Book Review Handout for detailed information and examples.) There should only be two (2) resources listed in your Works Cited page.


Your essay should include the following and must not exceed a time frame of 5 years:

  • Seek out and read a Current Affairs article of interest that details a contemporary religious worldview from among those we will study in this class and the impact it is having on a particular marketplace and economy in society today.
  • These types of articles can be found in a variety of resources including the Online Library, our Course Guide, journals, newspapers, magazines, documentaries, news and world financial reports, websites, and through online searches.
  • Pick just one (1) article and write a 3 page review and analysis of just that one article. Your review should be in the form of a literary review or a movie review encouraging your audience to either read or ignore it.
  • Provide all of the required bibliographical material and citations for locating the resource including title, date of publication, publisher, website, and all retrieval information.
  • Summarize the main content of the article and how it is related to the course and the religious worldview that it expresses.
  • Provide details as to why you selected the article and what you found of interest as to why you did nor did not like the article.
  • Identify what new insights you discovered about this topic.
  • What was the author seeking to accomplish through this article?
  • How does this article increase your understanding of religious woldviews and their impact upon the marketplace in society today?
  • Be sure to use good writing and mechanical techniques and include the use of MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page to identify your resource and avoid plagiarism.