415 wk 3

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Motivational Techniques 

To prepare for this discussion, read the assigned textbook chapters and the articles, 
The Difference between Motivation and Empowerment (Links to an external site.)
Motivation Theory (Links to an external site.)
. Complete the “Leader’s Self-Insight 7.1. The Power of Followership” and “Leader’s Self-Insight 7.3. Ready for Coaching” activities in the textbook. Reflect on what the results suggest about you as a leader. You are not required to share your specific results when discussing these activities, but are welcome to, if you are comfortable doing so.

To successfully complete this discussion, your post should minimally include the following:

· Begin by briefly summarizing followership styles as discussed in the textbook and provide practical examples of each.

· Formulate your own hypothesis of how followership style is related to work motivation. Explain your rationale.

· Using concepts and vocabulary that apply to a specific career or profession of your choice, describe a thriving workforce based on the definition from the textbook.

· Select an aspect of diversity (e.g., age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion/spirituality, socio-economic status, sexual orientation). Explain how the aspect of diversity you selected might make it easier or more challenging for an employee to employ the strategies for managing up as discussed in the text. You will need to do some research on diversity and communication styles to complete this requirement.

· Apply the specific strategies for effectively managing up the hierarchy to a specific real or fictitious scenario you might encounter in your workplace or career. Be sure to apply the strategies in ways that take into account motivational and empowerment strategies as well as cultural diversity.

· Support ideas you share in your post with a minimum of three credible 
scholarly and peer-reviewed sources (Links to an external site.)
 published within the last ten years and document your sources by including APA-formatted 
citations  (Links to an external site.)
references (Links to an external site.)


Daft, R.L. (2018). 

The leadership experience

 (7th ed.). https://content.uagc.edu/

· Chapter 7: Followership

· Chapter 8: Motivation and Empowerment

· Chapter 9: Leadership Communication


Heifetz, R., Grashow, A., & Lisky, M. (2009, July/August). 
Leadership in a (permanent) crisis (Links to an external site.)
. Harvard Business Review, 62.  https://hbr.org/2009/07/leadership-in-a-permanent-crisis.

Pellegrino, B. (2009).  
The Difference between Motivation and Empowerment (Links to an external site.)
. http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Difference-Between-Motivation-and-Empowerment&id=3024576

Kotze-Stuart, R. (2010).  
Motivation Theory (Links to an external site.)
. http://www.goal-setting-guide.com/motivation-theory.


Harvard Business Review. (2009, July). 
Leadership in a permanent crisis (Links to an external site.)
 [Audio podcast]. https://hbr.org/podcast/2009/07/leadership-in-a-permanent-cris


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