5 pages reading reasponse

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Consider the The Death of Woman Wang in the context of our course readings. What aspects of the book seem to represent longer-term trends and patterns in Chinese history? What aspects seem to reflect only the specific context of one of China’s poorest regions during one of the most unsettled periods in its history?In other words, how far does the study of Chinese history as a whole help us understand specific events in one time and place?Answer these questions with regard to only one of the following two subjects:

a). the role and influence of the imperial government on local society, as personified by the local magistrate;

b). the status of women in family life and the legal system.

You should support your argument with direct quotations from at least six different primary sources assigned in class. There must be at least one quotation from a primary source.

No additional research beyond the assigned course readings is required or expected. Although outside research is not absolutely forbidden, you should not quote an outside source for a point that can be found in the assigned readings.
(You can choose from the following pdfs except the death of women wang)

You are required to use the Notes and Bibliography citation format of the Chicago Manual of Style



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