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This week we will be putting it all together to produce a final capstone draft. This will involve steps in designing a quantitative study, abstract, scholarly poster, and the formal research with title page.

Instructions/Steps in designing a Quantitative Clinical Study:

  1. Formulate the study question
  2. Establish the significance of the problem
  3. Search for and critically appraise available evidence
  4. Develop the theoretical/conceptual framework
  5. Generate hypotheses when appropriate
  6. Select the appropriate research design
  7. Identify the population sampling plan
  8. Determine the measures that will be used
  9. Outline the data collection plan
  10. Apply for human subjects approval
  11. Implement the study
  12. Prepare and analyze the data
  13. Interpret the results
  14. Disseminate findings-poster, manuscript
  15. Incorporate the findings in EBP and evaluate outcomes

Formal Research project:

  1. Graduate Level Rigor
  2. Publishing Requirements
  3. Writing an Abstract
    1. Background
    2. Aim
    3. Methods
    4. Expected Results
    5. Anticipated Conclusion
    6. Potential Implications to Practice
  4. Poster – template
  5. Copyright
  6. Manuscript

Title page

1. Background & Significance

2. Literature Review

3. Supporting Evidence

4. Purpose or Aims of the Study

5. Theoretical Model or Framework

6. Methods/Design/Sampling

7. Interventions

8. Expected Results/Outcomes

9. Anticipated Conclusion

10. Possible Limitations

11. Potential Implications to Practice

12. References

13. Poster

14. Appendices   


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