803 DB 2A and 2B Week 2

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Topic Discussions #2A: 

Respond to the Podcast, how does being genuine relate to the relationships you have at work, and why is it important for leaders to build strong relationships within their own organizations? While you’re writing this, weave in components of ethical considerations found in the article. Discuss why it is critical for leaders to self-reflect on their behaviors before they can lead others? Finally, reflect on the From Hero to Host paper and how this fits in the context of workplace relationships

Topic Discussion #2B: 

Reflect on the conversation surrounding the need to consider complex systems and how you approach typical business processes in your organization. According to the second video, typical tools such as KPIs and other metrics may not adequately capture the needed practices to address complex issues in our organizations. Discuss what issues you were thinking about when watching that video and reading the system practice workbook. What is preventing you from managing these issues with a complex systems approach in mind?


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