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We are hearing of the possibility of going to war with North Korea.

What do you think is the way to go?

President Trump seems to be advocating this action. What say you?

*Please write 130 words at least about the above one as ur opinion

* Also, Please write two comments about my classmates. Each of them at least 50 words

The First comment is to Jemel Kate Adaya

The U.S. has always had tension and a hostile relationship with North Korea since the Korean War in the 1950s. President Donald Trump and many Americans feel that while we are taking an aggressive stance, they feel that this is the only possible path due to failure of all diplomatic overtures and UN sanctions to this point. Since the Korean War, United States has maintained a strong military force in South Korea. North Korea has abused and used up the good will of the world such as testing nuclear weapons or other weapons that are capable of striking U.S. targets thousands of miles away. It’s status as a nuclear power, threatening the destruction of many cities world wide, threatens everyone’s safety not because they could destroy all of America but because the lose of one city is too horrible to risk and they must be stopped at all costs. They have reached a point of “critical mass” in which they are too dangerous to us to allow their ICBMs.

The second comment is to Jared Arthur

his time last year I was stationed in Camp Hovey in South Korea and went through several alerts after the North launched a test missile. At the time, North Korea was more of a nuisance than a threat. Since then they have developed longer ranging missiles that could reach US territories. I’m all for going to war if North Korea strikes first but until then the US should use every resource to de-escalate tensions with North Korea. Between the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, and President Trump, they share seven years of political power and both have the power to start a war. Trump has stated that he would bring “Fire and fury” to NK if they should attack. I see this as more of a military tactic than a threat because Kim Jung Un has been threatening to destroy the US and its allies for years and now that his threats are being answered, he is in a sense stalemated. I am unsure of what the President plans to do but he is definitely not following in previous Presidents’ footsteps. The last thing the US needs is to fight two simultaneous wars just because of a yelling match between two leaders.

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