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For the cover letter I choose the same company where I work but a new position as a Team Manager. I attach a copy of a cover letter for you to have an idea what the professor is looking for. Also I attach a rough draft resume of my information need improvement and have space to add more information to look more professional. You can use you experience in writing to add more information in my resume. Remember my field is Financial Advisor. Looking forward to become a manager.

  • COVER LETTER:Draft a Cover Letter to accompany your resume which (1) explains exactly how you meet/or exceed the specific qualifications they have listed in their job ad, (2) showcases how you stand apart from the crowd, and (3) requests consideration for an interview. This letter should be in response to an actual job posting, or if absolutely necessary, you can make up a job post. A Cover Letter should contain:
    • a date,
    • address of the recipient and Company,///// The real address is 550 International Parkway Lake Mary Fl 32746 JP Morgan Chase // Credit Card Division
    • greeting,
    • body,
    • complimentary closing, and
    • signature

**MAKE SURE THAT YOUR LETTER HAS A HEADING WHICH LOOKS LIKE YOUR RESUME HEADING– which makes your letter appear to be put on letterhead (looks more professional)— (see “Announcements” Page for student examples). {There are are tons of Web sites containing templates to help you get started.} (See example Cover Letters on pages 428, 430, and 431).

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper