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Case Study

In the Case Report that follows, you will take on the role of a counselor and write the report of your meeting with the client.

The paper should include:

The presenting problem.

Any other issues that could be addressed besides the presenting problem.

A description of the theory/approach that you have been reading about, learning, and discussing in class that you will use with the client.

Describe how your chosen theory applies to your client’s issues. Mention, also, those aspects that may not fit.

Present the approach and techniques you would use with your client and give examples as if you are in session.

Your Report of two to three pages should be submitted in your Assignment Folder by midnight 10/8.

This topic is worth 30 points.

The Client

Your client is a 19 year old American born male of Chinese heritage. He transferred to Maryland University provisionally from Montgomery College. He is on academic probation as a freshman this semester. The client does not have outside employment.

There is no history of previous counseling except for two family counseling sessions he attended with his mother and brother after his father died when he was 11 years old. The client appears to be articulate, a quick thinker, well groomed, and cooperative.

The student finds his studies stressful and is failing his coursework. He has a history of poor academic work and passed just one course last semester, and is retaking coursework in an attempt to get into the pre-Engineering program, a requirement to become a Navy pilot. The client complains of headaches when studying, but doctors have told him “there is nothing really wrong with him.”

He shares an apartment with his brother and another roommate. The client’s brother, three years older and the only sibling, is also in the pre-Engineering track at Maryland. The two brothers are the only American born of family members.

His life and behavior, after age 11, changed after his father’s death when he started skipping school. His relationship with his mother has been negative and argumentative. The client stated that his mother’s culture causes her anxiety about what others will think about her son’s actions and accomplishments. He has an extended family support system indicative of the Asian culture.

The client’s all-consuming goal is to have an exciting career by becoming a Navy pilot. He equates this with gaining respect.


Total 30 points


Content and Organization


1. An introduction previews the presenting problem and other issues

2. Understanding of theory/approach used is demonstrated coherently and logically

3. Examples of techniques used as if in session

4. Writer creatively enhances the topic

5. All points in the assignment are addressed

6. An effective summary conclusion is presented

Writing Mechanics and Style


7. Paper is free of mechanical errors (e.g.misspellings, typos, punctuation mistakes) and has proper sentence structure


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