You are assigned to choose 2 (two) Australian mining listed companies (BHP Billiton and Santos). Access their annual reports from 2013 and 2014 and download the full reports.
2. Review 2013 and 2014 financial statements


Provide a report of not more than 1,500 words.
1. Look at the Financial Review / 2 year summary. Profile an analysis of the performance of each company from their 2 year summaries. Assess the operations of each company by: (1) asset growth; (2) sales turnover growth; (3) profit growth; (4) product range; (4) sustainability of the business, etc. etc.
(10 Marks)

2. Compare the performance (income statement) (10 marks), balance sheet (10 marks), and cash flows (10 marks) of both companies:
a. Try to avoid analysing the absolute amount as it needs to be in relative values;
b. If it gets higher or lower, you need to explain what does it mean and what are the consequences of the figures.
(30 marks)

3. Conduct a ratio analysis to assess their profitability, efficiency, liquidity and financial stability.
i. Are the companies profitable (do you think each company is generating healthy returns)? (10 marks)
ii. How well are the two companies managing their resources (are they efficient in managing their assets)? (10 marks)
iii. Can they meet their short term debts and stay in operation in the short term? (10 marks)
iv. Can they meet their long term debts and stay in operation in the long term, i.e. their long term financial stability? (10 marks)
(40 marks)

4. Produce an overall summary of your analysis. If you were an investor would you be happy with the performance of each company? Why? Why not? If you could only invest $1,000 in one of these two companies which one would you invest in, and why?
(10 marks)

5. Professional presentation of your assignment in a clear readable format with appropriate referencing
(10 marks)