act as a clinical ethicist

This assignment is to act as a clinical ethicist and perform an ethical consultation. Please answer the following questions in writing after reading the CASE attached to this order: Step 1: Identify the source of the ethical concerns. What is the moral conflict(s)? Step 2: identify the stakeholders Step 3: Propose possible solutions or resolutions and justify them using sources such as ethical theories, relevant ethical principles you have learned in the Foundations course, class readings or discussions, comparable situations from your professional life, legal principles, etc. Identify how the stakeholders would be impacted by your proposed solutions. Step 4: Do you have any suggestions for the veterinary neurologist about how to help prevent situations like this in the future? And: Comment on how each of the broad sources of ethical tension in veterinary medicine are part of this case: 1.Differences in how animals are valued 2.Differences in responsibility towards animals 3.Differences regarding the interests of animals 4.Differences regarding the veterinarians role Can you articulate your own values on what defines the quality of an animals life and what the veterinarians role is in determining quality of life for a patient?