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Adding Dependencies, Durations, and Resources to the WBS

Read the business case at Bertas_Pizza_Business_Case
See the organization chart Bertas_and_HiFives_organization_charts

  1. Add content to the WBS created in Week 4. Use Microsoft Project to add dependencies, between tasks to the WBS for the BMOS project. The following video might be helpful for adding dependencies
  1. Add durations to each task. The entire project should span six months. Make sure that in the Task Mode column, the mode for each task is “Auto Scheduled.” All dates should automatically populate according to the project start date and task dependencies. Verify that durations make sense. Task durations may be changed by adding or removing days in the “Duration” column.
  1. Assign resources to each task. Click on the “Resource” tab, then Assign Resources. Place the resources needed to perform each task on the list. Use the organization charts. HiFive has a requirements analyst for requirements gathering, a software architect for design, a software developer for systems specification, a test team for testing, and software developers for coding and unit test, and software release. Berta’s Pizza will perform acceptance testing.
  1. Use the scope statement template to create a scope statement for the BMOS project?
  1. Use Microsoft Project to begin a Work Breakdown structure. (View the video at for assistance in creating a WBS.)
  1. Include the following tasks:
    1. Requirements
      1. Requirements collection
      2. Design
      3. System specification
    2. Development
      1. Code and unit test
    3. Test
      1. Integration testing
      2. Acceptance testing
    4. Deployment
      1. Product release
      2. Maintenance begins (milestone)
    5. Closeout
      1. Project lesson learned meeting
      2. Project close

Attached is WK 4 Assignment

Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.

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