adolescent problems or enhance adolescent development

This assignment will give you the opportunity to evaluate a program that has been designed to either prevent adolescent problems or enhance adolescent development. You will apply the theories and concepts you have learned throughout the term to this evaluation. You will use various sources of information including empirical articles, government documents, and internet sources. You could also interview someone who works with the program you are evaluating. The paper will be formatted in APA style, double-spaced and 6-9 pages in length (1- inch margins, 12-point font) excluding title page, references, and appendices. The questions posed below are suggestions and should be used as a guide to your writing substitutions and additions are welcome.The paper should include the following sections:I.Introduction to the paperII. Describe the program you have chose for analysis in detail include:The context of delivery, The population that it services (specific attention to cultural relevance), The type of funding the program receives, The goals of the program, etc. III. Background on why this program is important for adolescent development. What theories apply to this topic?What concepts apply to this topic?What developmental tasks does this program address?What are the cultural implications of this issue?How does this program help adolescents develop in healthy ways?IV. Empirical research on this program and similar programsWhat studies have been done on this program if any?What studies have been done on similar programs?What studies say about how this type of program should be set up, etc.?V. Your own evaluation of this programWhat are the strengths of this program?What are the weaknesses of this program?How would you change this program to better service the needs of adolescents?