Four key goals of the ACA, as described on the website (Health reform: About the new law, 2013), are as follows:

  1.  Establish consumer rights and protections 
  2. Elimination of discrimination related to preexisting conditions
  3. Elimination of lifetime maximum dollar limits
  4. Prevention of dropping of members’ coverage due to errors on application
  5. Provide more affordable coverage
  6. Requirement that at least 80% of premiums be spent on medical care
  7. Limits on rate increases
  8. Tax credits for small businesses that offer health insurance to employees
  9. Ensure better access to care
  10. Requirement that insurers cover preventive services
  11. Continuation of coverage of young adults on their parents’ plans until age 26
  12. Establishment of insurance exchanges, where individuals can find affordable health coverage
  13. Strengthen Medicare
  14. Lower the costs of prescription drugs for Medicare enrollees
  15. Expansion of preventive services, such as flu shots, diabetes screenings, and annual wellness visits, free of charge
  16. Elimination of fraud

Choose ONE of these goal categories and discuss the current status and progress that has been made to date in achieving this goal.  

Requirements: APA Format, 5 – 7 pages, not including Title and Reference pages, double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman; a minimum of 3 sources, in addition to textbook and ACA Supplement.  Worth 100 Points, Refer to Term Paper Rubric for grading criteria.