All the President's Assistants discussion

This discussion provides you an opportunity to compare the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches presidents take in selecting key aides and important members of their administration. The goal is to understand the interactions and influence that occurs between a president and his/her key assistants, and to think about how this contributes to the success of that president. 

 Among the many people a president appoints in the Executive Branch of government (from the Cabinet, to the Executive Office of the President, which includes the White House Office),  identify three positions that you think are among the most important officials to help a president be successful.  Explain why these positions are most crucial for a president’s success (aside from the president him- or herself)?  How do those officials interact with the president (think about the frequency and quality of access)? Refer to the textbook and, if necessary, other resources to make sure you understand the roles of these three officials and explain why they are so important.  Please focus on the role itself, although you may cite examples of people who held those roles to help explain your rationale.  Each position you choose should be supported by a paragraph of multiple sentences. Remember to properly cite all resources. The strongest submissions will include historical examples of officials and programs or policy successes that support your position