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My research proposal needs to be fixed by following these instructions:

1. Use only the 8 references that I uploded ( so the references in my proposal need to be deleted)

2. the proposal needs to show the results

3. You may include an Abstract overview of your proposal on the first page and then much more detail in the following pages of the proposal. Consider the following information as you create your Research Proposal:

  • Give a significant background about your topic. Tell me about the issue at hand. Provide statistical background information to strengthen the need for this research. Next, discuss the possible “solution” or what is being testing and strengthen your argument for why you decided to use this specific item as your method of measurement/testing/etc.
    • For example: My project was about smoking cessation using a medication most commonly used for depression. Provide background concerning smoking: risks, stats, why, who, etc. Provide background on medication used: risks, benefits, why it was chosen, who would normally take it and why, etc.
  • Include a hypothesis where you feel it is appropriate
  • Use the MAARIE framework that we have covered in the past two months to develop your
    • Methodology – covered in your introduction strengthening your argument
    • Assignment – what processes to you plan to use to assign your participants and what tools/concepts are you using to avoid the inhibitors to research that we have identified
    • Assessment – How are you going to assess/measure progress in your study on your participants? Remember to minimize error, bias, etc.
    • Results – what do you anticipate to mathematically find in your research? Go in to detail, if possible, on what type of data you hope to collect and how you will analyze it.
    • Interpretation – what do you expect to find, based on your Lit Review and what you would say to sell your research proposal
    • Extrapolation – this will be quite brief, but a good opportunity to conclude your proposal by explaining the benefits of your proposed research, etc.
  • You will be using your Lit Review as your blueprint for what is considering possible, ethical and positive for your topic. Additionally, this will be your guide as to what you feel is possible to improve on for developing a brand new study by eliminating any negative findings or flaws in the literature you have researched.
  • Remember, I will essentially be critiquing your research proposal to determine your grade. After you are done writing it – read it and have the same questioning attitude you did when you performed your original Lit Review several weeks ago. If you feel uneasy or have specific questions you need answered, then you might need to go back and reword some of your proposal.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper