Following completion of recent developments such as the Engineering & Computer Building and the current construction of a new Health and Life Sciences Building, Coventry University had recently carried out a review of their remaining building stock at their main campus in Coventry City Centre. The review has identified a number of buildings that Coventry University now feel do not match the modern corporate image that the newer buildings now provide. One of these buildings is the Sir John Laing Building. The Board of Directors now require the services of a Building Surveyor (you), to help them consider the possibility of relocating the main entrance and ground floor reception area of the building to the opposite end of the building, freeing up the space currently occupied by the reception/office area for other use and making the building more visually appealing, modern and to match the corporate image of new buildings.

Design Considerations

• The area for consideration is detailed on attached drawing no: 345CAB – JL01. Under no circumstances can adjoining areas outside those indicated be affected.
• The building encounters a large volume of foot traffic throughout the academic year therefore all fixture, fittings and finishes should be a durable and long lasting as possible.
• The University requires a welcoming, modern reception area, with a new reception desk, a small waiting area with seating, capacity for coursework hand in with a secure area for faculty reception staff.
• A new modern façade must be provided to the front reception area. Please note that this does not require the whole façade to be upgraded
• The existing stairs providing access to the first floor cannot be moved and access for large volumes of foot traffic at peak times must be maintained.
• The reception desk and faculty staff area must be secure during non-opening times.
• The existing male w/c provision needs to be maintained. You may therefore consider re- Location however this must take place within the designated area.


The task is a discussion, analysis & appraisal focusing on the Viability – economic feasibility, Practicality – physical feasibility and Utility – functional feasibility of the internal plan which will be provided in attachment. The attachment will have two plans one showing the area before refurbishment (existing floor plan) and one after (option 1). Therefore, you are required to talk about changes that will be done and whether there are viable, practical and functional. In respect to the design consideration and background.