Analyzing and Resolving Resource Conflict with Executive Management

Analyzing and Resolving Resource Conflict with Executive Management
This work is designed to evaluate your ability to anticipate and resolve a resource constraint.
You will learn how to use emotional intelligence (EI) and conflict resolution skills when working with stakeholders that can have a positive or negative influence on the project. Managing project resources is a difficult task. Please note that resources include team members, capital, supplies, equipment, services, technology, and facilities. For the project to be successful, the resources must be available when needed. The project manager must work closely with functional managers (i.e., departmental managers) to ensure the right resources are assigned to the project, especially people. Given that resources can be scarce, conflict often arises regarding the use of resources.
For this work, please prepare a PowerPoint® Presentation with audio and use the notes area where you describe the following items from the standpoint of the project manager:
1. How can you use emotional intelligence (EI) to help you have an effective relationship with functional managers regarding the use of resources?
2. When working with executive-level stakeholders, project managers must be skilled at conflict resolution and the types of powers they can leverage. From your experience and research, discuss the conflict resolution skills and powers that are most effective in this situation?
3. Describe a model of problem solving you might use to get buy-in from stakeholders