Ancient Rome and Ancient China Comparative Human Experience Essay

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Comparative Human Experience

[WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 3, 5]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review

In this course, you have examined multiple themes common to the human experience in different cultural and historical contexts. You have considered how societies and individuals understand and express what it means to be human through works of art, architecture, literature, philosophy, theology, and music. In the final project, you will analyze how one theme common to the human experience is expressed in a selection of works from two different societies or cultures. You will compare how these works express the chosen themes based on your assessment of materials in the course and your own research findings.

Final Project Steps

Review the following tabs to learn more about the required steps for this final project.

Step 1

Choose Two Civilizations

To begin your analysis, choose two different societies or civilizations that we have covered in this class, within the time period we have considered (ca. 5000 BCE–1600 CE). Refer back to your Final Project Preparation assignment that you completed in Week 3, in which you chose two different societies or civilizations.

Step 2

Choose One Theme

Then, choose one of the following themes for your analysis:

  • Mortality
  • Birth or Rebirth
  • Evil
  • Justice
  • Truth
  • Beauty
  • Suffering
  • Happiness
  • Enslavement
  • Order
  • Common Good

Step 3

Choose your sources

Choose two works considered primary sources from each civilization

Select at least two works (literature, philosophy, theology, art, architecture, or music) from each culture or society that expresses the chosen theme of your analysis, for a total of four primary sources.

Choose two scholarly secondary sources, one relevant to each civilization

Select at least two scholarly secondary sources, such as scholarly journal articles, scholarly books, or chapters in scholarly books. Remember that the textbook does not count toward this research requirement.

Step 4

Prepare Your Analysis

In your analysis,

  • Compare how one human theme is expressed in two different societies or civilizations covered in the course.
  • Examine at least two works considered primary sources from each of the chosen societies or civilizations that express the human theme (four works total).
  • Explain how the society or civilization in which it was created influenced each work.
  • Utilize at least two scholarly secondary sources, one for each of the chosen societies or civilizations, to help you contextualize and explain these works.
  • Discuss how ideas about the theme in the societies or civilizations you have chosen influence our thinking today.

Step 5

Choose a Format to Present Your Analysis

For your final project, you are encouraged to think openly and choose the format for your original work from the list below that enables you to express yourself most effectively. Note: Unless you choose to submit a research paper as your original work, you must create and upload a transcript to meet the requirements of this assignment. The transcript should include a script of what you read for your presentation, plus any additional dialog and descriptive information that will help others understand your work clearly. If your instructor will need a hyperlink to access your presentation, don’t forget to include it at the beginning of the transcript that you upload to the classroom.

Choose one of the options below to present your original work:

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