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  1. Start reading the news of Paris, France.Identify 1-2 stories that catch your attention.Try to mix the categories between politics, arts, economy etc.
  2. “What’s Up With Culture”

Explore modules 1.2.3 through 1.4.6 and the necessary self-assessments.Email me a reflection on what this website has brought to your attention.In your essay be sure to note:

  1. What information has intrigued you or surprised you?Why? Any new terms/concepts? What do you think about them?
  2. Which self-assessment surveys or “quizzes” did you particularly like?Why?
  3. What did you learn about yourself?

This is a very well developed website designed to help prepare students for their study abroad experiences.It includes some well articulated concepts and self-analysis quizzes that everyone can benefit from.

There are 3 modules and we will only focus on Module 1.

Module 1: What to know before you go.

Module 2: Welcome Back! Now What?

Module 3: Glossary and Bibliography

So that you have an idea of the different topics presented within Module 1, here is a map

Module 1 – What to Know Before You Go

1.1 If you are going abroad soon

1.2 Culture; the hidden dimension

1.2.1 The iceberg

1.2.2 Linking values and behaviors

1.2.3 More on culture; Defined & Refined

1.3 Culture: Yours, Ours and Theirs

1.3.1 Culture distinction – universal, cultural, personal

1.3.2 In the mind of the beholder – minimize naïve-realism

1.3.3 Sharing the rewards

1.3.4 Individual or Collectivist

1.3.5 Score Yourself!

1.4 Whose fault? Why values matter

1.4.1 An accident

1.4.2 Personal vs societal obligation

1.4.3 Universalist or particularist – Score Yourself!

1.4.4 Your time or my time

1.4.5 The concept of time

1.4.6 Context of cultures: High and Low

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