answering 3 questions in bullet formatting

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Chapter 7 page 237-240 Experiential Exercise #1 regarding the filling of a Physical Therapy vacancy that had been frozen. The hospital is in Mississippi, Kathleen, the PT Director, wants to recruit, mindful of the need for diversity, as all of her staff are currently white women over age 42. An initial respondent to the recruitment seems to meet the job-fitness (Knowledge and Skills) and diversity requirements (African-American and young) and may receive an offer. Linda, the clinical PT supervisor, objects and takes her concerns to the Chief Medical Officer who asks that he not be hired.

I think all of the issues I noted in class (male, African-American, young, just graduation, and his possible life-style, apply equally when you add that a Physical Therapist involves “touching” and “interaction” with patients in rural Miss. I am looking for the depth of your responses and incorporating what we have already covered in this course.

The above are all the directions from my professor!

I have uploaded the reading below!

Read it and answer the following in Bullet Format:

1. Identify some of the assumptions, rather than facts, that you see being made regarding the applicant and the local population by Linda and the CMO?

2. Identify some of the recruitment and selection issues you will find on page 238?

3. What would you recommend be done in this situation?

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