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1. Mendel’s experiments on pea plants led him to propose the principle of independent assortment, which states that the inheritance patterns of different traits (e.g., flower color, plant height) are independent of one another.

a. true

b. false

2. In the production of sex cells, paired hereditary units separate into different sex cells, containing one or the other hereditary unit. This is termed the principle of:

a. segregation

b. homozygouisty

c. hybridization

d. independent assortment


3. Biologists have discovered that cells ____________________.

a. are only inherited by one parent

b. are the basic units of life

c. only have nucleus and no cytoplasm

d. usually do not contain DNA

4. The cell nucleus contains genetic information.

a. true

b. false

5. Somatic cells are gametes (sex cells).

a. true

b. false

6. A zygote is formed by the union of two somatic cells.

a. true

b. false

7. Which of the following statements about meiosis are correct? (mark all that apply)

a. Meiosis takes place only in the ovaries and testes (or pistil and stamen in plants)

b. During meiosis, the chromosome number is cut in half.

c. During meiosis, two cycles of cell division occur.

d. none of these

8. Which of the following statements about mitosis is correct? (check all that apply)

a. The process requires two cycles of cell division.

b. Mitosis is a type of cell division that leads to growth and repair.

c. The process requires only one cell division to be complete.

d. Mitosis results in gametes (sex cells).

9. The shape of the nuclear DNA molecule is described as a __________________.

a. sphere

b. single-stranded chain

c. all of these

d. double helix

e. scutoid

10. Chromosomes are _________________. (mark all that apply)

a. composed of two strands during certain stages of cell division

b. made up of DNA and protein

c. none of these

d. visible only during certain stages of cell division

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