APA and Animal Testing Discussion

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Many people who have never taken a psychology course view psychology as the study of human behavior, possibly because most research involves humans. But research on animals has been shown to be just as important to psychological science. In 2011, the National Institutes of Health suspended grants for biomedical and behavioral research on chimpanzees, claiming that the “closest human relatives deserve ‘special consideration and respect’”(Gorman, 2011).

Shortly after, Allyson J. Bennett, PhD, a member of the American Psychological Association’s Committee on Animal Research and Ethics, provided her perspective that many people do not understand the strict guidelines, procedures and methods needed to follow to conduct animal research (Bennett, 2012). She felt strongly that the psychology community should do more to speak up and advocate for the benefits of this type of research.

Given the information in the chapter, lecture and additional resources, do you believe that the potential benefits of conducting research on animals outweighs the potential risk of harm and pain for the animals? Please provide research and additional information to support your perspective.


Bennett, A. J. (2012). Animal research: The bigger picture and why we need psychologists to speak out. PsycEXTRA Dataset. doi:10.1037/e553492012-010. Retrieved from http://www.apa.org/science/about/psa/2012/04/anima…

Gorman, J. (2011, December 15). U.S. Will Not Finance New Research on Chimps. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/16/science/chimps-in-medical- research.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all?src=tp


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