Art 100






Create a handmade GIF (graphics interchange format) animation piece based on the sexual environment of youth culture. GIF’s can be simple (stick figure creations) or more complex (fuller figures against moving backgrounds, text, objects, etc.).


The sexual environment in youth culture runs the gamut from religious purity and celibacy to promiscuous behavior, emotional relationships, unintended pregnancy, STDs and gender experimentation. Be open to exploration with this assignment; consider a topic that interests you personally, or one that you feel is prevalent (or perhaps problematic) in society. Do research, if necessary, to populate your piece with accurate information.


HOW TO PROCEED: First comes the idea, then focus on a method to bring your idea to fruition. It may be useful to “pre-sketch” your thoughts prior to class, drawing out your idea on a simple storyboard frame by frame. Every component of the frame is important: background, figure, and text (if used). A sample storyboard template is available on Canvas. Photoshop will be used to create multiple frames which will be strung together in a timeline animation. In Photoshop create a new file (File + New) SIZE = 6 x 8; 96 ppi.


NOTE: Consider using a minimum of colors for your piece to avoid complexity; a simple graphic palette is fine (black/white; blue/yellow/; red/black; red/green, etc.)




Piece due on Canvas by 11pm Sunday, Oct 11