Article on New Reimbursements Discussion

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• Article and Link to it

• Written in Business Bullet Format 

• Identifies Financial Problems and Solutions
• Uses Financial/Statistical data to support Problems and Solutions.
• What are your thoughts on this subject and/or its impact on your career? (This may be in paragraph format)

Bullets are not paragraphs or the author’s words.

These are brief statements that demonstrate your comprehension of what you read to highlight the key financial information.

Use reliable sources such as HFMA Articles, Healthcare Journals, etc.

More than 33% of U.S. health care payments are value based and are expected to reach more than 50%. APM models of care have been trending toward 4 approaches: ACOs, medical homes, bundled payment programs and provider-sponsored health plans.

Your Article must be within 1 year old and can include the following financial oriented articles:

Choose a article from beckers hospital

• Alternative Payment Models (APM’s)
• Vertically Integrated HC Organizations,
• Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s)
• Bundled Care.
• Value Based Purchasing (VBP)
• Provider Sponsored Health Plans
• Physician Pay4Performance,
• Medical Home Models

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