Aspects of Managing People within the NHS

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Aspects of Managing People within the NHS


Module Code:  
Module Title: Managing People in the Global Context
Module Leader:  
Open/Closed Assessment: Open
Maximum Word Count: 3000
Release Date: October 2023
Submission Deadline: 11am, Thursday 30th November 2023
Weighting: 100%



Word count requirements


The word count for this assignment is 3000 words.


You must state on the front of your assignment the number of words used and this will be checked.

The main text for this assignment must be word-processed in Arial, font 12, double spacing, minimum 2cm margins all around.


You must observe the word count specified in this assignment brief. The School has a policy of accepting variations to the recommended word count of plus or minus 10%.


What does this mean for you?


Markers will mark your work up to the word count maximum plus 10% and then will stop marking; therefore all words which are in excess of the word count plus 10% will not be  marked.

Where your word count is more than 10% below that specified, it is likely that this will

result in a lack of analytical depth or relevant content, which will be reflected in the mark assigned.






As discussed in our seminar classes, this assignment is an opportunity for you to

demonstrate what you have learned on this module in relation to the learning outcomes, ie. to be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the different topics and theories covered on this module
  • Understand, critique [and reflect on] different theories relating to managing people
  • Apply theory to practise, through real world examples
  • Understand and plan an assignment
  • Develop your own arguments based on theoretical knowledge of the subject and lived experience
  • Apply an international/global perspective to your analysis





The National Health Service (NHS) organisation, the publicly-funded national healthcare system in the UK, provides a comprehensive service, available to all irrespective of

gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief. It was established 75

years ago, in 1948, as part of one of the social reforms introduced by the Labour

government of the time, following the Second World War. Over time, the NHS has

acquired an iconic status and is widely held as an exemplar in public healthcare to be    emulated across the world. As an organisation, it continues to occupy a unique place in the UK, evident from the support it receives from the public, cutting across political

ideologies. It holds a place in the public consciousness, with extensive coverage in the  global media, and has been depicted in the cultural realms through literature, memoirs  and TV shows. However, the NHS organisation today is also under significant pressure and faces its biggest challenges since it was established.

We invite you to write ONE individually researched 3,000-word essay on ‘Aspects of managing people within the NHS’



Assignment instructions

In this assignment we ask you to do the following:

Part 1: Applying theory to practise (2000 Words Maximum)


Search for any event relating to the NHS over the past three years (December   2020 to December 2023). This could be an actual event, for example the recent  strikes in the NHS, or it could be some organisational initiative taken by the NHS (including responses to the Covid-19 pandemic). The event can also be drawn

from other sources of media information, stories or case studies or a (semi)

fictional depiction in a film, book or TV show which features the UK NHS organisation (or a part of that organisation).


Choose either one or two of the following topics to analyse your chosen event within the NHS organisation:


  • Managing people and employability in the global labour market
  • Organisation types, structures, teams and work design
  • Theories of managing people – from classical to human relations approaches
  • Leadership
  • Organisational culture
  • Power and control
  • Technology and change in organisations
  • Diversity and difference in organisations
  • Organisational Ethics



Part 2: Reflection (1000 Words Maximum)



Using the knowledge and skills gained from this module please reflect on how this is likely to influence your future career.


You should choose at least 3 topics and reflect on the knowledge and skills you have

gained and developed in relation to each of these topics. For example, what types of

leadership styles and skills have you become aware of and how will you aim to develop your leadership skills in the future? What type of organisational environment would

enable you to develop these skills? What type of organisational culture would support

you in developing these skills? How will your knowledge of diversity and difference influence your approach to working and/or leading in organisations? How will

developing these different skills help you to succeed in the global labour market?



We are looking to assess what you have learned on this module.

Please ensure you draw on appropriate theoretical knowledge from the module.

Sources relating to your chosen topic should be mainly from the recommended

textbooks and literature within the reading list for each topic. We have selected these

readings carefully. You may also wish to draw on other sources relating to your chosen organisation (eg. from news media, case studies and organisation websites) as well as

other recognised English language academic (journal) sources to support your discussion.

Online sources from commercial providers (eg. and/or

professional essay-writing services (eg. UK Essays) are not acceptable sources for academic subject knowledge.

Aspects of Managing People within the NHS

Introduction (Approximately 300 words)

  • Briefly introduce the NHS, its historical significance, and its current iconic status.
  • Highlight the challenges faced by the NHS in recent times.
  • Present the purpose of the essay and the chosen focus.

Part 1: Applying Theory to Practice (Approximately 2000 words)

1.1 Introduction to Chosen Event (Approximately 150 words)

  • Provide an overview of the selected event within the NHS from December 2020 to December 2023.
  • Clarify whether it’s a real event, organizational initiative, or a fictional depiction.

1.2 Analysis of the Event in Relation to Chosen Topic(s) (Approximately 1850 words)

Choose one or two topics from the list and analyze how the selected event within the NHS relates to the chosen topic(s). For example:

  • Managing People and Employability in the Global Labour Market
    • Discuss how the event impacted the employability of NHS staff.
    • Analyze any global labor market trends influencing the NHS workforce.
  • Leadership
    • Evaluate leadership styles exhibited during the event.
    • Discuss the effectiveness of leadership in managing the challenges faced.
  • (Choose one or two more topics based on your interest and the relevance of the event)

1.3 Conclusion of Part 1 (Approximately 50 words)

  • Summarize key findings from the analysis.
  • Transition to the reflection section.

Part 2: Reflection (Approximately 1000 words)

2.1 Introduction to Reflection (Approximately 100 words)

  • Briefly introduce the purpose of the reflection section.

2.2 Reflection on Chosen Topics (Approximately 900 words)

Choose at least three topics and reflect on the knowledge and skills gained:

  • Leadership Styles and Skills
    • Reflect on the leadership styles observed and how they align with your future career goals.
    • Discuss plans to develop leadership skills and the organizational environment conducive to this.
  • Organizational Culture
    • Reflect on your understanding of organizational culture and how it influences leadership.
    • Consider the type of organizational culture that would support your career goals.
  • Diversity and Difference in Organizations
    • Reflect on your awareness of diversity issues.
    • Discuss how this knowledge will influence your approach to working or leading in organizations.

2.3 Conclusion of Part 2 (Approximately 50 words)

  • Summarize key reflections.
  • Conclude by emphasizing the impact of the module on your future career.

Conclusion (Approximately 150 words)

  • Summarize the main points from both parts of the essay.
  • Reinforce the importance of managing people within the NHS and its broader implications.

References (Not included in word count)

Ensure all sources are cited correctly, following the recommended guidelines.

Word Count (Clearly stated on the front page)

Remember to refer to the recommended textbooks and literature, incorporate theoretical knowledge, and cite academic sources appropriately. Good luck with your assignment!

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