Assesment Early Education Discussion

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Assessing the mastery of a skill is an important part of any
lesson. Many fundamental motor skills are combined to create the more
complex motor skills. If a fundamental skill is not mastered, it will
affect the development of other skills as well.

this discussion forum you will explain how you would observe, document,
and assess a fundamental motor skill. Choose a fundamental motor skill
that you will assess. It can be a skill previously discussed in this
course or one that has not been discussed.

  1. First, provide a brief explanation of the skill and activity used to
    practice the skill. List all of the aspects of the skill that you will
    be looking for during the lesson, including the student’s body and space
    awareness and quality of movement (e.g., balance, movement from one
    place to another, moving more than one body part at a time).

  2. Then, discuss how you plan to observe and document during the lesson.
  3. Finally, include a rubric that you have created to assess the mastery of this skill.

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