Assignment: final project: evaluation design—select your organization

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This course differs from other research courses in that it emphasizes the proper and appropriate application of research skills specific to the public and nonprofit sectors. While many research courses cover similar concepts, this course affords students with the opportunity to apply these concepts through the construction of an evaluation design. Learning effective research skills is important, but being able to apply these skills appropriately in practical situations is essential for success in the public and nonprofit sectors. It is essential to not only know these skills but also to apply them appropriately in a variety of situations.

To prepare for this Assignment, consider an organization that you work for or are familiar with. For that organization, think about a program, problem, or policy that would benefit from research and evaluation. If you are not familiar with an organization to use for the assignment, select an organization from the Virtual Community of New Harbor, Delaware. Organizations available for selection include: Peace tree, the New Harbor Port Authority, or the New Harbor Memorial Hospital.

Submit to your instructor the organization and program, problem, or policy you have selected for the Final Project. Provide a one-paragraph description of the organization followed by a brief (two– to three–paragraph) description of the program, problem, or policy within that organization that you feel would benefit from research and evaluation, and why it would benefit.

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