Assignment Interview To Teacher Or Principal

Carefully read Chapter 3 in National School Board booklet on How School Works to plan a meeting with either a teacher or principal in a school.  Interview the teacher or principal to learn about the school.  Please use the information in Chapter 3 to formulate your questions. Design a a series of questions for your interview based on what you learned in Chapter 3.  Hold your interview.  Present your learnings in either a power point or paper.  Be sure to include your interview questions.  Give a background of why you selected the school and background on the teacher or principal you interview.  What did you learn about working in a school as an ABA from your interviews? Also include why you selected the school. Site your readings for the week. You must use APA format. Include a title page (or slide), parenthetical citations, and a Reference page (or slide). Due to COVID, you can conduct your interview via phone or zoom/facetime.

You must use the attached APA template and follow the instructions on the template.