Assignment: The Foundation for Your Service Learning Strategy Project, writing homework help

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As with any instructional model, it is important to be able to apply your learning to a real-world problem. Think about the curriculum, community needs, and problems in the learning cycle that might be “solved” with service learning. By identifying community and school needs and connecting them to learning opportunities in your curriculum, you have done the groundwork and should be well on your way to planning your Service Learning Strategy Project. After all, once you pour a foundation, the next step is to frame out the structure. This Assignment will begin your project’s “frame.”

To prepare

  • Using the curricular connection you identified earlier in this week’s Discussion, examine the school and school community for possible opportunities to create a Service Learning Strategy Project.
  • Review the Toolkit information regarding identifying problem statements found on the Course Overview page.
  • Review any Learning Resources you need to articulate your vision.

To submit

Using the criteria create a 3- to 5-page paper in which you do the following:

  • Write a clear, unambiguous problem statement that describes the community problem the project might address.
  • Cite the learning or curricular standard to which the project might align.
  • Explain the rationale for choosing this learning standard. How do you generally teach this standard? (Or, how has it been taught in the past?).
  • Describe how service learning might make this area of curriculum more engaging.
  • Explain how service learning might make this area of curriculum more learner-centered.
  • Describe the type of project you might construct to address the community need, using the learning standard.

Include with your paper a cover sheet, and use APA conventions for your references.

The feedback from this Assignment will assist you in creating your Service Learning Strategy Project Plan and in completing this component of your Service Learning Strategy Project. When completed, the Service Learning Strategy Project Plan will be a detailed plan for how, exactly, you would implement service learning in an actual classroom or school-wide setting. While the length of the course does not allow for complete implementation of a Service Learning Strategy Project, a complete plan, with all the needed resources, will be a component in your final Service Learning Strategy Project. This plan should contain enough detail that another educator could implement the plan using only the information in the plan you submit.

Length: 3–5 pages


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