Avila University Wavelength Eccentric & Experimental Film Analytical Review

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you will do four things. For each entry, you will:

  1. Briefly summarize the film you have seen.
  2. Consider how the various elements within the film operate and relate to the overall theme that we’re covering that week (i.e., Feminist Film, 1950’s, Lyrical film, etc.). Here your readings should be of significant help.

c. Focus on making connections between the readings and the week’s film.


Please read the two articles before watching this film. It will make much more sense. This is probably the hardest film that you will watch this semester. However, with the Co-Vid 19 pandemic, it might be the most appropriate. The film is a murder mystery, a document of Canal Street and how light plays and transforms.

The prompt for this journal is: To reflect as a viewer how the expectations and anticipations transform time? How does the film balance the “facts” with “illusions”? How does the soundtrack play into the story? Minimum 400 words.

Avant-Garde Film.pdf

Structural Film.pdf



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