Balance Sheet Review

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Respond to each of the following:
Category: Assets:
1. For the two most recent years, provide the following summary balance sheet breakdown & values of items. If any item (or equivalent items) does not appear then omit that item from your breakdown. You may be required to lump some items together to prepare the following breakdown. Your totals must add up to the Total Assets value. There are five sub-classifications assets and there are two sub-classifications of liabilities. There is also one total stockholders’ equity section.

Current Assets


Property, Plant & Equipment

Intangible Assets

Other Assets

Total Assets

Current Liabilities

Long-Term Liabilities (may show as non-current liabilities or other liabilities)

Total Stockholders’ Equity

Total Liabilities & Stockholders’ Equity

Remember, your company may be just a little bit different. Use your understanding of the balance sheet, judgment and critical thinking to present a vertical analysis of your company.

Do not just copy all the lines in the balance sheet, this is a summary not a copy and paste job.

2. For the two most recent years, provide an itemized presentation of the company’s:

> current assets

> quick assets

> total assets

> current liabilities

> total liabilities

Category: Analysis
3. Present the following ratios for the most recent two years. Do not show any calculations.

a. Current Ratio

b. Quick Ratio

c. Working Capital

4. Notes to the Financial Statements

> What notes apply to the following items: (there may be several)

>> Current Assets

>> Current Liabilities

>> Property, Plant & Equipment

Note: do not show any calculations. Only present the ratio value and round all ratios to one decimal place.

Note: All ratio information must be calculated from the audited financial statements.

Note that your url must be exact & it must be a direct link to the SEC Edgar system (not the company’s home page or some investopediat stuff.) Think of it, Mr. Warren Buffett does not have time to wander the internet to find a specific document so be exact and double check the information provided.

Note: All information presented that was found in the financial reports must be documented.

Use APA style and in addition, page number(s) must be presented for each in text citation.

oExcept for directly quoted material, page numbers are not mandatory in APA style but I am making them mandatory for credit in this presentation.

Present source document as a bibliography complete with the exact url that will directly lead the reader to the exact SEC 10K annual report.

oAdditionally, you must provide a date accessed.

oAgain APA does not mandate this for fixed website, I am making it mandatory for credit.

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