BBA 2026 Columbia Southern University Ecology Services Discussion

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BBA 2026 Unit VII Discussion Board

Discuss the communication strategy employed by Tim Cook as mentioned in the Unit VII Lesson. Do not focus on whether or not you agree with the actions taken by Apple and the U.S. government. Instead, focus on how Cook communicated Apple’s decisions. As a leader, do you think his message was effective for the general public, for his employees, and for his key partners? Do you believe he used the correct channels to send the message? In your opinion, is there any way for the message to be more effective? Explain.

I need to comment on my classmate and this is what they wrote:

I would say that Tim Cook did everything he could when he believed that conversations with the government were supposed to be confidential relating to the topic. He was able to decide with his team and partners what the government could do to address the problem and hopefully fix it, the two way communication with the government was a little faulty and that could be why there were issues. I am not sure if the communication between the government and apple was efficient enough and that caused errors. I think he used the correct channels to try and get his information out their and speak his side. I would say Tim Cook is working in the best way that he can as far as communication goes.

BIO 1302 Unit VII Discussion Board

The last word in ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant: What good is it? – Aldo Leopold

Hi folks. The ecological services provided by conservation areas are diverse and sometimes not easily understood or appreciated by the general public who may desire quantifiable, economic measures of their value. How would you persuade someone who believes that ecological services are unmeasurable and provide no value to human society that they are in fact valuable? For inspiration, check out this video on ecosystem services featuring E.O. Wilson, who, as you remember from Unit V, is a coauthor of the theory of island biogeography

I Need to comment onmy classmates response this is what they wrote:

I think that it would be best to show individuals who do not believe ecological services that are provided by humans are a benefit to us. We have learned over the course of the past weeks that biodiversity is imperative for us to maintain economically and the conservation areas protect the environment. Conservative areas protect the environment and biodiversity is an excellent source of raw materials. These raw materials are utilized to make goods that we need and use on a daily basis.

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