BCC Sir Gawain & The Green Knight Fatal Attraction by Alex Forrest Argumentative Essay

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Write a 1200 word MLA format research essay including an attached hard copy of a bibliography showing research performed .

Write a 1,200 word argumentative research essay based on a comparative analysis of two or more complementary film and literature texts. Your essay must display an awareness of recent critical commentary on your texts, and must include reference to at least two secondary sources retrieved (such as the MLA bibliography, ProQuest, EBSCO Academic Search Premier, etc.).

Your essay should advance an original argument about one of the following three topics:

Choose one of the following topics:

1 Show how the narratives of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,Fatal Attraction, and another text of your own choosing reflect Joseph Campbell’s idea that “the real dragon is in you.”

2 Investigate the archetype of the femme fataleand show how The Lady of the Gawain, Fatal Attraction’s Alex Forrest, and at least one other figure of your own choosing exert its power. [Consider for example “The Femme Fatale Trope, Explained.” The Take. YouTube. Apr 7, 2020. < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjAKd-Lfmt0> .]

3 The genre of film noir is said to have evolved partly from the popularity of 1930’s gangster films. Show how the villainy of Double Indemnity’s killers and of another text of your own choosing is of a specifically noir type.

4 Investigate the archetype of the trickster and show how the Green Knight & Bercilak of the Gawain, and at least one other figure of your own choosing exhibit his/her characteristics.

A screenshot of database search results must be included with your essay submission. Please no plagaris


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