Behavior change theories

Be sure to click the theories’ individual links to read more about each theory. Also, visit the other resources at the bottom. This Health Behavior App Report is a 3-page paper you will complete on your own and submit here.

Use two behavior change or behavior monitoringapps (or devices) for a week. (These can be tools like a friend’s FitBit, the health-related apps on an Apple watch, the app MyFitnessPal, or another exercise, meal, or mental health app on your phone.)

In your paper, you will compare the two tools you used. Write a report discussing their strengths and weaknesses.

Include the following components as part of the comparisons in your report:
Write a brief overview of both of the apps’ purpose and features.
What agency or company created each app?

Describe whether these institutions and their technology are trustworthy or not and why.

Describe the behavior change theory/theories that are evident in the apps/devices and which features are theoretically-based. Be sure to cite the theoretical evidence.