behs 343 LPP1

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Articles: For each part of the LPP, you are to search the
internet and select 1 article on each of the topicsfrom your selected chapters (total of 2
articles). Post the articles in their entirety (not just the URL) properly
cited, preferably in a different color font (my personal favorite is purple) to
separate them from your work.

After each article,
you should include the following:

Summary of what you learned from the article (not simply an
overview) and how it expands upon the information in the text (2 points)

Posting of selected picture/graphic from any source
(including personal pictures) to illustrate the topic; include a verbal
description of the picture and explain why it was chosen to illustrate the
topic (1 point)

Posting of an additional supporting website with title and
URL and brief summary of how it further extends the information on the topic (1

Selection of 1 additional topic within these chapters that
you believe needs further research, and explain why (1 point).

The Controversy Over Parental Influence

Read chapter 4 in Parenting: A Dynamic Perspective for a
historical look at parental influence, associations between parenting and how a
child “turns out,” and perspectives on how parents guide developmental

Historial and Social Context of Families

Chapter 5 in Parenting: A Dynamic Perspective to learn about
determinants and how a parent’s behavior is influenced by culture, setting,
family structure, and pressures, which determine how they parent and raise
their children.…

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