Benedictine University American Post War Era Discussion

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Choose one question from the “Review and Reflect” section at the end of chapter 28 and write a 300 word minimum answer to the question.

So it would be using one of these questions and write about it using the pdf I attached of chapter 28:

1. How did the economic boom of the postwar era change American lifestyles?

2. What were some of the significant scientific and techno- logical breakthroughs, especially in medicine, chemistry, electronics, weaponry, and space exploration, of the 1950s and 1960s? How did these developments affect American life?

3. How did the increasing popularity of the automobile change the American landscape and American society?

4. Who were the critics of the ailluent society of the 1950s? What were their criticisms?

5. How did the Cold War progress under Eisenhower?

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