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go to the textbook and use that provide more context to provide more background to help the reader understand how these things develop over time because that is what you were writing about after all

You mostly are writing about just some helpful 1742 South Carolina slave codes are helpful but they’re not the entire answer because that’s not the first time that we have laws in the English colonies regarding slavery and so you you really need to go back spend time with a textbook and also lectures more information should be able to be able to provide can answer that helps the reader understand development of this

you need to talk about these ideas in other by looking at other laws because the South Carolina slave codes

the idea that slavery is hereditary that doesn’t start and 1740 right so you need to help the reader better understand how and why this and when which then I guess that’s the other major suggestion is providing sense of time throughout this essay because really throughout all of it that’s not that’s not present so if I’m reading this and I’m not already familiar with this material I’m not going to know what’s happening I’m not going to understand when these things are taking place I’m not going to be able to compare one time to another I’m not going to be able to see how things are changing over time so you don’t always need a specific year but you do need when you’re talk about developments and you’re talking about a particular law or ideas changing you need to give the reader a sense of why this is happening whether it’s a decade or a particular part of the Century Middle or if you do have a particular year than straight all right to think about these things and if you have any questions feel free to let me know

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