BIO 102 California State University Global Warming in Denver Discussion

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Climate change not only threatens Earth’s biodiversity but may also lead to dramatic impacts on human populations—something that we may experience within our own lifetimes.

First, let us begin by reflecting on the climate where we live. Have you noticed any changes over the past decade or two (if you have been in the area that long)? If you recently moved, you might instead consider a place where you lived previously for this discussion. Share with the class your observations of local changes in climate, and any impacts those changes may have caused.

Second, let us consider some reasons that our own personal observations (called anecdotal data) are not sufficient evidence to describe how, if at all, the climate might be changing where we live. What are some concerns with relying on people’s memories of recent weather? Why might there be a reason for scientists to doubt the accuracy of this information?

  1. Finally, let us do some online research to investigate what scientists have observed for your region—what is happening now, and what the projected impacts of climate change to your state or area might be. A Google search of “climate change [state name]” will likely reveal a lot of helpful information; there may also be online plans for climate change at the level of your county or city, as well. What are some of the observed climate-change trends for your region? What are some of the anticipated changes to your area as a result of a warming global climate? How might residents be affected? How might agriculture and industry be affected? How might cities and towns be affected?
  2. In your responses to classmates, compare the observed and projected impacts of climate change where you live with those impacts that classmates are experiencing or likely to experience in the future. What hazards of climate change are common to the class, and what hazards appear more localized?

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