BIO 103 UMGC How the Cell Cycle and Mitosis Relates to Cancer Discussion

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Watch this short video that explains how the cell cycle and mitosis relates to cancer:

Briefly describe something you learned from this video.

Then research one common chemotherapy drug. If you or someone you know have undergone chemotherapy, consider researching a drug you/they received during treatment. Answer the following questions: How does this drug work at a cellular level? Does it relate to the cell cycle/mitosis? If so, which phase is impacted?

Why does drugs that inhibit the cell cycle often have serious side effects? What are some of the side effects? Does the side effects relate to mitosis?

Include all references in APA format.

Part II: Inheritance

Pick one dominant or recessive trait found in your family. Do a web-search for dominant/recessive human traits, keep in mind that most of our traits are not controlled in a simple dominant/recessive manner.

Answer the following questions:

  • What is your phenotype for this trait?
  • What is your likely genotype for this trait?
  • What is your parents/siblings and/or (if you have) children’s phenotypes for this trait?
  • Show a likely/potential Punnett Square for this trait in your family.

If you are adopted or otherwise do not know the phenotype of one or both of your parents (or potential kids) for this trait, you can make up an example.

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