BIO Career Point College Biology Questions

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Did each paragraph give me your opinion if you agree or disagree with the paragraph 


I chose to research Insulin. My family has a history of diabetes and I always want to know more as my children are at risk of being diabetic. It is in the works to make insulin replacement a possibility without the injections. The benefits could be that diabetics would not have to be dependent on insulin shots every day. They can live their life free of it. I believe people should support this. Diabetics have been changed to needles and viles for far too long. Organisms should be labeled as to what they are. No product should be misleading in any way.


Genetically Modified Organisms-Growth Hormones

For this discussion, present a summary of the genetically modified organism that you are researching for your Unit 10 assignment.

How is the technology being used? Explain the gene of interest, name the organism into which it is inserted, and describe the intended result.

What are the possible benefits and negative effects of the technology? Explain.

Do you think that individuals should object to or support this bioengineered plant, animal, or bacterium? Why or why not?

Do you think governments should outlaw bioengineered organisms? Under what circumstances? Explain.

Should the genetically modified organism involved be labeled so, if it is a consumable item? Explain.

Genetic modification can occur in several things that we use daily. One thing specifically that contains genetic modification is growth hormones. Growth hormones are used in children and in adults. Hormones are a vital part of the body and enough of the hormones are not being produced on their own you may need a growth hormone injection. Genetic factors can interfere with the lack of growth especially in children and when there is damage to the pituitary glands in adults it can lead to a permanent deficiency.

The treatment that is being utilized is HGH injections that are injected into the body several times a week by a prescribed doctor or it can be self-administered depending on the severity of the deficiency. HGH is designed to mimic the natural behavior growths in the body. These treatments can last for several years and various test are given to ensure that the treatments are working properly and there any additional health issues. The earlier children have treated the better chances they have in reaching their normal height. In adults, the goal is to help increase energy levels and reduce other health issues.

It is very important to monitor those who are being treated with these infections to ensure that there aren’t any adverse effects from the drug. “Most people tolerate HGH injection treatments well with few problems. However, possible side effects include muscle aches, joint discomfort, headaches, swelling of the hands and feet” (Wu, 2019). People who have diabetes must be extra careful as well because it can affect their insulin levels.

As with anything that is being created it is not always 100% accurate and it takes trial and error to get things right. I think there should be extra precautions that should be taken when administering HGH so that it doesn’t cause any unwanted issues. I think that it is beneficial in helping people achieve goals that they probably wouldn’t achieve on their own especially children. Having the quality of life is important and there is an opportunity to give a person that and be able to limit the negative side effects I think it will work.


One of the most important skills for any manager to have let alone an emergency manager is good leadership and interpersonal communication skills. Leadership and communication are the foundation for every other skill set that will follow. In addition, the ability to adapt on the fly and provide leadership in otherwise dangerous situations provides the basis for all emergency managers in the area. Adaptability tto these situations comes in many forms and one important thing is that emergency managers must not only be able to adapt on the fly but must also be able to teach others how to adapt the same way.

We are currently looking for an entry-level Emergency Manager who has a high degree of wanting to help their community as a whole. Leadership and communication skills with a high degree of ability to work on the fly and provide accurate reporting of incidents. Applicants must have atleast 2 years experience in a management position and a degree in public safety. Minimum of 25 years of age is required by all applicants and must have a high degree of respect for their community. 

1. What qualifies you as an Emergency Manager?

2. What are your strengths in this area?

3. Give an example of your leadership.

4. What certifications do you have?

5. A Tornado strikes a local area with more predicted to be on the way, whats your first course of action?

6. what training do you have planned to keep your team on their toes?

7. in a event of a natural disaster, what should be priority one in restoring 

8. During an event of a storm, how will you inform the public of the shelter location?

9. What is the way you will help your team handle stress during these situations? 

10. After the storm has passed and recovery efforts are winding down, What information will you use in order to help prevent future disasters on such a large scale?


  1. Determine what skills and characteristics applicants to the position should have.

Strong knowledge base/experience in EMS and Disaster Preparedness/Management. Excellent verbal/written communication skills.  Ability to deal with several complex issues simultaneously. 

  1. Develop a job description for the position that is at least 300 words.

IDPH mandated position to direct and maintain an approved Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System.  Responsible for strategic planning and the administrative, educational, financial and human resource management on a 24-hour basis to facilitate high quality and cost effective EMS  and Emergency Preparedness (EP) services.  EMS Services include but are not limited to: Fire Department Advanced Life Support services, Police Department First Responder Programs, Private Ambulance services, Emergency Medical Dispatcher services, Emergency Communications RN’s, Disaster/Mass Casualty emergency preparedness planning.  Monitors and directs the activities of coordinators, instructors, ECRN’s, EMT’s Paramedics, EMD, FR/D associated with EMS System.  Takes an active role in region and statewide EMS policy and procedure development and maintenance. Reports to Department of Nursing, collaborates with EMS Medical Director and the Emergency Preparedness Medical Director. 

  1. Create a sample job advertisement for the position that is at least 100 words. Include the minimum qualifications for the position.

Northwest Suburban Hospital seeking Emergency Manager to join the team and help coordinate and facilitate daily activities related to the effective management of emergency services.  Must come to table with exceptional customer service, provide supportive workplace interactions and a sound professional work ethic. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in Emergency Management, a 5year minimum of diverse experience in emergency services.  This posibiton requires knowledge of federal, state and local regulations and responsibilities related to emergency medical services (EMS) and emergency preparedness/response activities.  

  1. Identify what kinds of questions you should include in your interview. List 10–15 interview questions that you would recommend to your manager.  

What skills do you have that would make you right for the job?

Why did you leave your last position?

When is the last time you were involved in an emergency situation?

What was your role?

What languages do you speak? 

How would you communicate effectively with different cultures if there was a language barrier?

What qualities make someone a good team player

Do you consider yourself a strong communicator, if so why?

What helps you multi task and stay organized and prioritize?

Do you work well under pressure?

Aimee Algren

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