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The entire podcast is divided into two stories. Though initially they seem to be unrelated, they are shown to be connected at the end of story #2. Your focus should be mostly on story #2 (which discusses convergent evolution, adaptive radiation) but should bring in the lesson learned from the first story. Please summarize it as such. You should include:

1) Three key points;

2) Something that is a novelty for you;

3) The short, take-home message;

3) Your personal take on this podcast.

Podcast link: Crabs All the Way Down | RadiolabLinks to an external site.

Radiolab summary:

This week we examine one of nature’s most humble creations: crabs. Turns out when you look closely at these little scuttlers, things get surprisingly existential — about how to come into being, how to survive chaos, and how to live. We even examine the possibility of evolutionary destiny.

This episode is a two-parter, a double-decker crab cake of sorts. Served up on a bed of lettuce and beautiful weirdness. The first layer comes from producer Rachael Cusick, and is a story she told live on stage at Pop-Up Magazine ( as a part of their Fall of 2022 tour. It chronicles a cross-species love story between artist Mary Akers ( and an overlooked pet store companion, a  creature that even Chris Tudge ( — the scientist dedicated to this creature, you could say — could not get a ring on. The second layer is cooked up by Lulu, who tries to understand why crabs keep evolving (according to recent work by Jo Wolfe (, Heather Bracken-Grissom ( and Javier Luque (

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