BIOL 102 Wake Technical Community College Wk 3 Osmosis Biology Lab Report

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Concepts Explored: solute, solvent, osmosis, osmotic pressure for conditions of isotonicity/hypertonicity/hypotonicity, ratios of concentration differences.

Experiment: In this set of procedures you will study how osmosis is affected when two solutions separated by a semipermeable membrane are both identical or different. This activity will require about two hours.

Please log in to the Table Top Science website, follow the directions for Lab 3 Osmosis and submit the completed activity form in this assignment folder by the due date posted in the syllabus. Remember to take the required snapshots (screenshots) of your results.

The originality of your lab assignment will be checked with Turnitin. Please review the originality report, and if needed, submit a revised assignment before the submission deadline.…

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