BIOL 1101 Idaho State University Carbon Dioxide Biology Discussion

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Below is an assignment I have due by my class time at 9. Please just follow these directions:

Writing Assignment #3 – Due Thursday, March 5, 9am

We have focused on answering the question, “How do trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it as wood?” for the past few weeks. For Writing Assignment #3, I would like you to compose a complete explanation to this question, using the biology concepts we have learned. A complete explanation will describe how processes in different parts of the tree contribute and what happens to carbon atoms in each of the processes:

How do the gases get into and out of the leaf?

Process of photosynthesis – what’s happening at the molecular level to the carbon atoms in the leaf to make simple sugars?

Where is the water used in photosynthesis coming from and how does it get to the leaf?

What happens to the sugars when they are turned into cellulose? How does that contribute to growth through mitosis?

Process of cellular respiration – where do trees get the energy they need for growth? 

  • Before you start to write, I would like you to brainstorm by sketching a diagram that shows the relationships above and what happens to carbon atoms in each of the processes. There isn’t “one correct diagram” I am looking for; the purpose of making this diagram is to help you clarify and organize your thinking – feel free to use your creativity! Upload a digital version of this diagram as part of your assignment (see rubric).
  • Once you have created a diagram to organize your thoughts, write your explanation, in your own words, to answer the question “How do trees take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it as wood?”. Your explanation should be at least 5 paragraphs, one paragraph per item stated above. Please be sure your explanation is in your own words – do not copy sections of your textbook or other resources into your document. To ensure you are writing in your own words, you may want to audio record yourself explaining your diagram verbally and then write your verbal explanation down on paper.

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