Biology question 4

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1.What is your opinion on culling? Is there a time that it is appropriate? Culling is the process of segregating organisms from a group according to desired or undesired characteristics. Humans usually cull by killing individuals of a species population.

Answer in 5 sentences 

2. Well if one takes into account that a majority of all the domesticated animals we have to day are the results of culling.  Dogs and cats are the most common to create different breeds.  Breeding the traits or characteristics that people desire in their companions.  Cows and sheep selective breeding to produce the most amount of milk, wool and meat.  In previous years yes the humans would kill of the undesirables, and in some places I am sure they still do.  Humans also do the same with the vegetables to produce bigger crops.  I think we do this in order to continuously shape the world around us to our needs.  In the end we risk completely losing the original species population, which is the sad part.  The risk though of culling, or selective breeding

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