BLM movement and calls for defunding the police

After reading the article and watching the video answer the two questions:
Often, we talk about the medicalization of social problems as a negative trend – the transfer of a collective action problem to a professional field that operates largely by its own rules (more on that later). Your textbook talks about this process of remedicalization as being largely driven by the pharmaceutical industry and biological treatment of mental health. But we can also think about similar trends – in this case, the criminalization of mental health. Especially when it comes to the treatment of the incarcerated.
1) How to the trends of deinstitutionalization and remedicalization discussed in the textbook relate to the Vice video and article in the Atlantic?
2) Much of the BLM movement and calls for defunding the police are related to the treatment of mental health by the criminal justice system. Is reform possible? How might defunding the police improve rates of mental illness?