Boston University IB 100 Misconception of Cancer Video Paper

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Final Video Project Proposal


The purposes of the final video project proposal are to help you start planning your project well ahead of the submission deadline and to guide you toward a successful project.


It will take some time for you to brainstorm a good idea for your final video project, so we encourage you to read through the Final Video Project Overview page and the instructions for the proposal early on in the coruse. Take a few days to jot down ideas and create the proposed storyboard that you will submit for TA approval.

1. Carefully read the Final Video Project Overview page for details about the goals of the project and how your video will be assessed. The Final Video Project FAQs page may answer some additional questions that you may have. You can also post in the Q & A Forum to gather suggestions.

2. Create a proposed storyboard for your video and consider what it will take to create your video. The proposal should consist of the following required components. A bullet point list with bolded headers for each component as shown below would be an ideal format for the proposal. 

Topic being addressed in the video: This is a 1-2 sentence explanation of the topic/misconception that you will clarify and explain in your video. You can choose any topic we covered in IB 100 (see Course Learning Objectives).

Content: This is really the ‘meat’ of your proposal. You’ll want to be detailed here so that your TA can give you meaningful feedback on the biological content of your project. This would include an overview of facts and evidence you’ll use to teach the topic. To complete this component we suggest a storyboard approach:

Storyboard: At a minimum, this component should consist of a bullet point outline of the different shots that will be included in the video. For example:

The first 30 seconds of the video will be interviews of students in the quad, your family members or friends asked to answer a question about biological concept ABC.

The next 60 seconds will be a whiteboard animation explaining biological concept ABC.

You must outline what will be shown and explained in the animation so that your TA can provide feedback on whether or not this is correct and effective.

  • You should also include information, quotes, or paraphrasing here that you’ll plan to use.

The last 30 seconds will be interviews of students in the quad responding to having their misconception dispelled and drawing a personal connection to the topic.  

  • Intended audience of the video: Who are you trying to teach in your video? College students? Elementary school students? The general adult public? 

Format of the video: Be creative! Some creative formats include animations, music videos, and puppet shows. The only format we do NOT allow is video consisting entirely of Powerpoint slides with voice over.

  • Logistics and Materials: What will you need to create your video? Also, include your two cited sources here (remember one source can be the textbook and another can from our course list of Appropriate Web Resources). There are free video editing software options you can find online; and if you have access to an Apple computer, you can use iMovie for video editing. You can also edit directly on Illinois Media Space. If you want to interview people, then plan ahead for scheduling this. Be sure to see the Final Video Project Overview page for more information.

Anticipated Roadblocks: What challenges do you anticipate encountering that could prevent you from creating the video that you have envisioned? Thinking through this now will help you plan ahead to overcome some of the challenges or to change the plan for your project if you cannot overcome the challenges. Your TA may also be able to make suggestions for how to deal with these potential roadblocks.

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