BPA 461 UOPX City Budget Spreadsheet Executive Summary

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Review the City Budget Spreadsheet. 

Consider yourself as the city manager as you prepare this document.

Prepare a paper that provides an executive summary of a hypothetical city budget.

Ensure you explain revenue and expenditure trends, fund balances, and what the change in fund balance might mean to future requests for citizen services.

Provide at least four charts and/or graphs to supplement your written material.

Remember this document is meant to provide information to the city council and local citizens about city spending. As an example, the amount of money spent on public safety, library services, city staff salaries, and other matters speaks volumes as to the priorities of the city council. It is your job to explain these spending decisions.

Review the budget revenues and expenditures, including their trends, to gain a more thorough understanding of how future year city services might be affected if these trends continue.

Explain in your document any citizen involvement with the budget process, any requests for new funding of major projects, and remember to provide an overview of the proposed capital budget (any projects that cost more than $25,000 and have a useful life of more than one year).


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